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We partner with diverse business experts, executives, innovators and startuppers to ensure our startup and research teams have the support they need to succeed in making their creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial ideas come true. We connect founders with relevant industry mentors!

Meet our People

Stefanos Alkidis

Co-Founder & CCO at CollegeLink

Thanos Balafoutis​

Agricultural Engineer

Panagiotis Chatzidakis

CCO - Head of Product at bubbllz app

Socrates Charisis

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Panos Christakos

Entrepreneur, Investor & Senior Advisor

Charis Christofi

Entrepreneur In Residence at Merantix

Pieris Christofi

Business Development at Palantir Technologies

Dimitris Damilos

Software Engineer at Photobox

Angelos Damoulianos

Founder at CEO at Umobit

Athina Polina Dova

Coo & Co-Founder @Owiwi

Christos Dovletoglou

VP of Sales | EMEA Alliances Director

Demetres Drivas

Communication & Marketing Manager

Stelios Eliakis

General Manager

Christina Fili

Social Entrepreneurship Expert Philanthropy Consultant

Thomas Filippou

Commercial Director Retail

Konstantinos Fouskas

Business Coaching and teaching

Sophia Georgopoulou

Brand Identity Designer

Stelios Gerogiannakis

Principal Engineer at GoCardless

Michalis Gkontas

Entrepreneur | Founder of Forky

Yannis Imelos

Co-Founder & CEO at CollegeLink

Andreas Kallis

Business Development & Strategy

Apostolos Kallis

Chief Commercial Officer @ ETIYA

Eirini Kaymenaki

UX/UI Designer at HSBC

Yannis Kirimkiridis

Business Development Manager,

Magy Kontou

Co-Founder - Lead Product & UI/UX

Harris Kontogiannis

Contract Software Engineer

George Kopanias

Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Giannis Kostakis

Security Advisor

Eleftheria Ledaki

Commercialisation Manage

Diamantis Lentsios

Executive Director

Katerina Maniataki

Senior Product Designer

Yannis Methodios

Management Consultant

Ioannis Nikolaou

Associate Professor

Zoe Nowak

Sustainable Regional Development

Ioannis Orfanos

Partner, Arbitrage Real Estate

Panagiotis Agis O.

Applied Scientist at Amazon

Giorgos Papagiannakis

Research associate AUEB

Thomas Papaspuros

Co-Founder & CTO at Viral Loops

Fotini Pardali

Finance Analyst at Target Global

Ioanna Sapfo Pepelasis

Co-Founder at ageless world org

Filippos Protogeridis

Lead Product Designer

Alexandros Roustas

Managing Director, IQbility

Vangelis Sakelliou

Business Optimization

Helen Salavou

Assistant Professor of Business Administration at AUEB

Aristeidis Souras

Marketing Mentor

Ilias Sousis

Head of Domestic Market and YouTube at Google

George G. Spanos

Indy Exec Consultant

Dimitrios Spiliopoulos

Internet of Things Strategist

Diomidis Spinellis

Professor of software engineering

Marilena Stathopoulou

Business Innovation Consultant

Christina Teodoraki

Asst Professor Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Theodoros Theodoropoulos

Experienced advisor and Entrepreneur

Aristeidis Theotokis

Associate Professor

Artemis Tonikidou

Marketing tutor and Research Assistant

Panagiotis Trapatsas

Data Engineer | Community Integrity team

Maria Vakola

Associate Professor

Vassilis Trapezanoglou

Founder, President & CEO at DISC SA

Panos Tsakos

Mojorated Creative Thinker

Isiodos Tsigos

Founder, WeAreTravelers

Stelios Tsoukias

Sr Commercial Insights Manager

Spiros Vossos

Strategic Alliances | International Business Development

Stergios Voskopoulos

CEO at Kanoo Capital

Irini Voudouris

Assistant Professor at AUEB

Katerina Voutsina

Assistant Professor

Gregory S. Yovanof

Managing Director

Georgia Zacharaki

Digital Strategy & Innovation Director | Trainer

Isabel Zoulinaki

UI/UX Designer at Potato