The Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is working with mentors / experts in order to impart their knowledge and their experiences on specific business issues and guiding groups in the development and / or implementation of an innovative business idea or plan.

These experts may come from the entire range of sectors of business activities in the country. Furthermore invited executives working in industries indirectly contribute to support the launch and successful development of a new business. Our experts registry includes:

A. Economists and Financial Advisors
B. Marketing and Promotion Consultants
C. IT Consultants – Developers
D. Personal Development Consultants
E. Legal Experts
F. Business Development Consultants
G. Other Experts

Our criteria for selecting the appropriate experts include the education, the experience, the cooperativeness and the shared values.

Experts undertake to:

  • help beneficiaries set specific, measurable targets and help them realize them
  • be in constant communication with the beneficiaries
  • participate in seminars / entrepreneurship programs organized by the ACEin
  • constantly monitor the individual and / or general progress of the teams
  • help beneficiaries in their business development through networking, contacts etc.
  • complete census records on the status of beneficiaries