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Website: http://www.carg-ops.com/

CargOps values your products offering continuous tracking of your shipment providing an actual representation of the shipping conditions. Internet of Things offers a unique innovative technology to solve the need of real time tracking and ensure transport conditions of cargo containers in supply chain, by developing an infrastructure receiving data from sensors and exporting analytics having full control over transportation. Our product CargOps Secure monitors the internal conditions such as Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity, Container Security Status, Location etc. of a shipping container through its sensors for the whole duration of the trip delivering a high quality service. The historical data collected are analyzed providing useful insights for the risks and opportunities in the supply chain management.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CargOps/?ref=br_rs
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cargops/




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Website: http://cargoshare.org/

The company focuses on building an online matchmaking platform where a ship’s available cargo hold can be bought and sold. The problem we are solving is the fact that a huge percentage of the miles travelled by freight carriers are traveled empty or half empty. The platform works on a maker/taker model, like stock exchanges, where both carriers and forwarders can put up information, or take deals already proposed by the other end. 

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CargoShare-384726765353900/



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E-luggage is the 1st “expandable luggage” for tourist or local product purchases, expandable in both time and size. Concretely, we offer to the traveler the possibility to put all desired products from the point of sale (museum, tourist shop etc) into a virtual “luggage”. By his departure he “closes the luggage”, confirming his purchases and paying. The products will be delivered directly to his address. The process is simple for both tourists and sellers: the only thing they have to do is register. It is ideal for city break travelers who normally travel with only hand luggage as now they can take with them as much of their travel experience as they want.





E-suppliers is a b2b marketplace that connects food and beverage as well as tourism businesses with suppliers and producers. It offers the opportunity to these businesses to seek for products and suppliers based on their research criteria whilst, at the same time, they perform multiple orders from more than one suppliers, seak for offers of products that they need, and group orders in order to save valuable time. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esuppliers/




Website: gamingbrotherhood.eu

Pericles is a platform brought to you by Gaming Brotherhood. Pericles enables companies and organizations to optimize their marketing campaigns with user generated content. Pericles ensures that marketers will save time, avoid spam, and get only the best and relevant user-generated content for their campaigns. And not only that we go one step further transforming all this raw material into engaging videos, wonderful images and meaningful articles in order to offer a complete content marketing tool to the Brands.





MaGOS is is a unique and intuitive Human-Computer Interaction input device which aims to provide 3D designers and prototyping engineers with a natural way to interact with their digital creations, as if they were sculpting with digital clay. By interfacing with major Mixed Reality Headset and Software products, the MaGOS wearable device will offer its users the natural feeling of multiple degrees of freedom of movement in 3D graphics environments by providing them with a complete and ergonomic solution. This way, MaGOS will significantly increase their productivity and effectively tackle the problem of fast and accurate 3D data input into VR 3D design environments.






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Mamakita.gr will offer exclusive tailor-made travel plans and services to families willing to experience a trip to Greece’s hidden gems through the platform’s network of certified family friendly hotels and family-oriented activities/child experts.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mamakita.gr/





Octably connects micro influencers with brands. With Octably platform every brand can create and manage its influencer marketing campaign in a fast and easy way.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/octably/
Website: https://octably.com/?l=gr








Website: www.plustic.me

Plustic is a free mobile application that allows contactless mobile payments (e-wallet) and give users the opportunity to purchase, send, request, change or exchange prepaid e-cards from associated brands/retailers and increase their purchase power at the same time.








Website: http://www.shopmind.gr/

ShopMind is a research oriented team specialized in Business Analytics and data-driven Decision Support. The goal of ShopMind is to “mine shoppers minds”, reveal latent knowledge that was not prior available, and transform knowledge into actions. Via applying advanced analytic techniques into retail data, we identify the underlying Shopping Missions i.e. the reasons why shoppers enter a retail store, and hidden Shopper Personas. ShopSights, our 360o business analytics tool, provides behavioral insights in both physical and web stores. It enables targeted marketing actions and data-driven decision making, ranging from marketing campaigns per customer segment, redesign of a store’s layout to product recommendations.

e-mail: info@shopmind.gr



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SPACEPRK is the first internet platform for sharing and renting open spaces (plots and gardens) for a short amount of time, that lets you lend these spaces per week, day or hour. Owners will state their available space on the platform and users will find open spaces quickly and easily, categorized according to their characteristics. These venues will be especially suitable for organizing an event, caravan vacations, interactive games or organizing a children’s party. Also, the platform will feature complete packages for event, party and interactive games.


  • Strengthening the middle class
  • Strengthening tourism
  • Free lifestyle, close to nature

We promote the idea that “Exploitation does not mean building

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spaceprk/





A Professional Tool For Mental Health Specialists
We revolutionize the mental health therapeutic process with descriptive and predictive analytics.
Therapeek is an online platform enhancing specialists’ therapeutic outcomes and helps them achieve their therapeutic goals accurately in less time.
We provide a fully fledged tool to facilitate the everyday workflow, visualize the goals of the therapy and capture any interesting patterns or highlighted peaks of the treatment.
We focus on all three steps of the therapeutic process.
We enhance the diagnosis and treating process’ outcomes and leverage the prevention of hazardous situations.

Therapeek is a SaaS application and no further software installation is required.
Data are securely stored on the cloud and recalled from anywhere.

Website: therapeek.com
Email: info@therapeek.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therapeek/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/25167717/



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Valius is a new online platform that enables users to develop the marketing strategy of their products. The key advantage of Valius is the transformation of a complicated and demanding procedure in a way that feels and looks like a game.

Users need to complete various levels and go through playful tasks, putting their ideas and plans into action. Moreover, they can engage their customers with a gamified questionnaire and collect actionable insights. Valius then analyses all the data collected and provides holistic marketing strategy recommendations.

We believe that Valius is the way forward, where strategy is simple, fast and engaging – and customers are value co-creators.

Website: www.valius.io


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Website: http://bespot.me/

Bespot is a mobile application for consumers to discover items, and be surprised and rewarded by brands and retailers at the Spots they already visit. Users open the application and each time they visit a Spot, an automated check-in is performed. Upon check-in users receive a unique digital reward which can be redeemed instantly at selected nearby Stores. Brands and Retailers can connect products, rewards and content to specific Spots, target the right moment, gain more traffic, loyalty and grow shopper’s basket.






Butlair is your personal travel assistant while in Athens willing to help you find everything you need on demand as simple as texting a friend. We are here to help you make tour guide bookings and reservations at restaurants tailor made for you, help you find a doctor when in need, or even deliver you something you forgot. Anything you need, Butlair is only one message away.

Butlair is a personalized service based on human interaction. We will try to understand your unique needs and help you,saving you precious time for a happier more enjoyable trip. Travel with less stress knowing that Butlair is there to take care of you.

*Butlair is now on a beta version. Communication is held via Facebook Messenger at facebook.com/butlairservice, Whatsapp or SMS at +49 1573 5983 350.





Website:  www.cliomusetours.com

Clio Muse is the award winning mobile application that curates the best cultural stories for indoor and outdoor tours. It shares intriguing, true, unexpected and unique stories for selected exhibits or points of interest from around the world. From recipes or fun facts to historical info, the stories are presented in 20 seconds. It is available on Google Play and AppStore in Greek and English. 




Website: www.collegelink.gr

CollegeLink is an online HR platform that companies use in order to attract and recruit the best next generation talent. In order to achieve that, CollegeLink utilize an automated personality profiling mechanism, that matches each applicant’s personality traits to each organization’s culture and each job’s specific needs. Until now we put together 5 successful events where 10 candidates get hired, represented Greece in South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas , established great relationship with more than 15 Greek Universities, attracted over 1000 young adults and more that 40 companies to our platform.









Website: http://www.healthyclub.io/

HealthyClub is a personal advisor for diet and health. It is targeted for people who want to manage their weight and to keep up with a healthy way of life and nutrition. When the user submits some basic information, the app suggests an individualized meal plan and activities, according to the person’s needs and preferences.



Website: http://www.inagros.com/en/

Inagros is an effective tool for farmers having irrigated crops. The crop yield can be monitored through sensors by an agriculturist. It also, alerts the farmer in case of system failures and when is the right time to use pesticides.Remote control of irrigation system, is a feature, too.




Website: www.olwyc.com 

Olwyc is the first application to find parties in nightclubs or elsewhere every day, submit your own party and get it crowded, meet new people with the same desire to party like you. Olwyc is one of a kind. The name Olwyc is originated from the words “all” and “week”, meaning “party all week”, but there is also a hidden “always” in there too. Not only a specific social network for users to party but also a business tool for party hosts to promote their parties.

Learn more about the team.




parky_logoWebsite: www.parkyapp.co

Parky App aims to provide owners of private parking spaces with the opportunity to rent them for the time they are not using them (i.e. while at work). Through our platform and mobile app they will be able to list them as available for a monetary exchange and by doing so, drivers seeking for a parking space may use Parky App to find quick, cheap and safe parking without going through the exhausting experience of searching for parking in crowded areas. Based on the idea of sharing economy, Parky app benefits both end users by providing (1) an extra income to private parking owners and (2) quick, affordable and safe parking to the drivers searching for it.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parkyapplication/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/parky-app

Email: info@parkyapp.co



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Website: https://www.pitchstor.com/

Pitchstor is an innovative digital funding mechanism and a social media network only for the business world, operating in the disruptive era of FinTech.  Pitchstor brings in the pocket of everyday people an alternative bank using the power of crowdfunding, blockchain and social media networks and brings to life a 360 digital economy for the business world, where people find the funds and the networking they need.







Website: www.tacticalsystems.gr

TACTICAL is the first comprehensive solution that monitors mobile workforce in real-time and provides an advanced incident management system for crowded areas and facilities. It consists of a control room software and a mobile application to increase workforce productivity, reduce operational costs and enhance operational awareness.







Website: www.vieno.co


www.vieno.biz (for corporates)


Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frink.android&hl=el

iOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/gr/app/vieno/id1055115479 





Website: http://enaleia.com/

Enaleia is an awarded start up whose purpose is to train young, unemployed people living in Greece, so as to enter the fishing industry. In order to achieve this goal Enaleia will establish the first fishing school for professional fishermen in Greece. Via this school the goal is to create 2000 job openings.

Furthermore, by educating the crews of fishing ships ,Enaleia will empower the whole fishing industry and will assist its improvement and development.

This school’s goal will be to train the next generation of professional fishermen providing them with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Students will be provided with all the theoretical knowledge needed for a professional fisherman through an accurate and based on the market’s needs curriculum . Moreover, students  will get  the chance to practise all this knowledge through -provided by Enaleia- eight-month internships on fishing ships . Through this procedure they will get the motive and learn the skills needed to work on the fishing industry.

This action will benefit not only the captains and shipowners , who will have expertised crews, but also the environmental and fish protection which is crucial for the industry’s sustainability.



Wedding Agenda is an innovative application that aids its users organize their wedding. It offers tools to organize the wedding guest list, manage the expenses and scheduling the tasks of the couple. It also connects its users with various vendors that cover every aspect of a wedding.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agendagamou/