By implementing the co-branding marketing strategy and combining it with our narrations we suggested an alternative for re-promoting Greece’s landmarks to travelers.

By the end of the contest not only had we strengthened our skills but we had gained The Athens International Airport as a valuable partner and mentor. Only a few months after the completion of the project, Clio Muse Tours gained massive visibility among both travelers and cultural institutions. That led to a noteworthy sales increase and new partnerships with important tourism companies.

The Clio Muse Team

How did they collaborate?

Our collaboration with AIA was a great experience not only because it opened many opportunities for us but also because it gave us valuable knowledge and skillset which we put into practice until nowadays. After six “pivoting” workshops led by 45 mentors and 18 specialized professionals, seven proposals made it to the final round and six of them including Clio Muse Tours were implemented in the Athens airport environment. The final selection was done by 11 experts from the IT&T, Transport and Startups sectors that comprise the evaluation committee. Throughout the whole process, we were guided by mentors and AIA’s executives who at the same provided specific feedback on our idea. On the final stage of «The Digital Gate» we were called to present our Proof of Concept (PoC) to domain experts who evaluated it based on the predefined requirements.