Research Commercialization Workshop Series


Dates: 27/Jun/2017

Time: 15:00-20:00

Hosted By: Athens Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ACEin)

Place: Athens Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ACEin), 46 Kefallinias Str., 2nd floor, Athens

27 JUN


17:00-18:00 Towards a Regulatory Framework for Research Commercialization in Greek Public Universities. Comparison to RAMOT/ Tel-Aviv University

Facilitator: Shulamit Hirsch, VP Intellectual Property at RAMOT, TTO of the Tel-Aviv University in Israel

Shulamit Hirsch is an expert in IP and technology screening for investment funds; Israeli certified patent attorney with 20 years of experience; ERC Proof of Concept Expert Evaluator at the European Research Council; Strategic consultant to SMEs in IP-related matters.

18:00-20:00 Case Presentation: Commercialization of the Business Cultural Intelligence Quotient (BCIQ)

Presenter: Professor Ilan Alon
Professor of Strategy and International Marketing, Head of International Affairs, University of Agder, Norway

In his speech, Professor Ilan Alon will present his experience from the commercialization of the research instrument Business Cultural Intelligence Quotient (BCIQ)- prototype available at rollins college: (Select Trial Visit under School/Event drop menu, with password 638512). Different aspects of the project will be presented, starting from the goals of the project and a short presentation of cultural intelligence and the research instrument. Further the collaboration with research partners will be described and a competition and marketing analysis (4Ps, market segments, target market) will be performed. Finally, Professor Alon will discuss his experience from applying his intellectual property across institutions.


To participate, please apply below until Monday June 26th 2017.