Ennovation 2016
9th International Student Competition On Digital Entrepreneurship, Innovation & E-Business

Ennovation is an international student competition on Digital EntrepreneurshipInnovation and e-Business. The competition is organized by the Athens University of Economics and Business (ELTRUN, the eBusiness Centre), the International Hellenic University and the University of Nicosia.

Run through the Ennovation Universities Network (18 Universities in total), the competition aims to educate students and young researchers in the field of innovation and digital entrepreneurship, as well as to promote young entrepreneurship in the fields of internet, mobile business, etc.

Experts in the field help students to analyze and promote  new  entrepreneurial  ideas and models for electronic businesses, along with new digital products/services.  An additional aim is to generate a collaborative environment for the further development of new innovative digital entreprises.

The new Research Stream of proposals has been added since 2014, which focuses on technological innovation and business development research results and solutions that have been developed as a result of years of dedicated research. Proposals submitted in response to the flow that will be evaluated separately and distinguished from the rest.

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