Spanos George

George G. Spanos basic studies consist by Humanities & Psychology in Greece, Mech. Engineering in Wales, and Int’l Shipping & Logistics in London. His on-going education includes Terrorism & Counterterrorism in Hague, EU Matters in HEC Paris, and Hellenic Studies in a Harvard & MIT Expertise Course.

For more than 20 years, George has been a persistent and dynamic frontline entrepreneur in founding, buying, restructuring, operating and selling shipping & trading companies in Greece, France, China and Colombia.

George is an expert in Cultural and Business Diplomacy and has served as the Honorary General Consul of Colombia in Athens, for seven years, enjoying awards and high distinctions from various Greek and Int’l Authorities & Organisations, i.e. UNESCO. He’s also served as President BOD member in various Cultural Foundations and Clubs, as a personal consultant to various MP’s on Shipping & Cultural issues, and as a candidate himself in 2004 National Elections.

George Spanos is a Mentor to Start-ups and acts as an independent executive consultant to companies and CEOs, in Growth matters, through his multifarious experiences, but also in Sensitive Personal Affairs Management, e.g. Intragroup Fraud through his expertise of integrating emotional intelligence with recognition and analysis of micro-expressions and body language, understanding hidden emotions and detecting lies.

George remains a shareholder in various companies in Greece and NY, as well as a writer and historical researcher bringing to light powerful and inspirational real-life stories. (