The Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation gives its beneficiaries counseling services depending on the stage they are at and their specific needs. Services include:

  • Business Development: design and evaluation of the business model, strategic planning, troubleshooting, deployment and use of new technologies, development of business plans
  • New Products / Services Design: product development methods and processes, product or service development management, prototyping
  • Market Analysis and Marketing Strategies: Sales program, market research and competition analysis, marketing, negotiation techniques, industry trends study method, strategy on e-business and social networks development and management
  • Team Management and Motivation: vision and values ​​formation, roles assignment, staff attraction, team motivation
  • Financing: searching for business partners, funding from private equity, various types of risk capital operation such as risk venture capital, business angels, etc. state aid.
  • Financial Planning and Operational Issues: tax, accounting and institutional issues, primary sources of revenue determination and cost centers with risk analysis, pricing determination.
  • Legal support: Establishment of a company, partner relationships, brand fortification, staff contracts, conditions for use electronic platform, privacy issues, securing copyrights and patents.

Specialized services provision to beneficiaries are running helically by providing specialized support per business scheme and individual meetings with experts from various disciplines (financial advisors, legal advisors, business development consultants, team development, etc.).