Olwyc is the first application to find parties in nightclubs or elsewhere every day, submit your own party and get it crowded, meet new people with the same desire to party like you. Olwyc is one of a kind. The name Olwyc is originated from the words “all” and “week”, meaning “party all week”, but there is also a hidden “always” in there too. Not only a specific social network for users to party but also a business tool for party hosts to promote their parties.

Olwyc is the vision of 4 friends with different skills and experiences but with same hunger to party.

The team includes a bartender, a graphic designer, a financial manager and a civil engineer.

People say that if you can make people’s lives better, then maybe you have a good idea. Our idea is to offer guaranteed access in every venue with a bonus, meaning a free entrance, a free drink, or a bottle discount. Doesn’t matter who you know, where you want to go, or how much money you have in your pocket. All you need is Olwyc. This is our vision, you living the partying experience 100%.

For the users Olwyc app contains all the necessary information that you need before crashing the party you like, meaning date & time, location, music genre, dresscode, photo gallery and live video feed to see what is going on moments before your arrival. In the process of finding the best party for you, you can choose your search criteria between date and location. You can check in through the app to your other social networks to inform your friends where you party, and you can also invite them through the app to party with you. Arguably the best thing about Olwyc is that you can choose one out of three offers in every verified party, a free entrance, a free drink, or a bottle discount. Finally set up your account with a cool profile pic and upgrade your account in our point system every time you use Olwyc app so you can win free table reservations to your favorite venues!

For the hosts Olwyc app makes your party visible to the biggest party community. You can see who is coming to your party before their arrival and treat them the best way possible! Get your party crowded on different time zones of the night by releasing offers. Set the rules of dresscoding, music genre, age filtering, pricing, etc. Promote your party on different city areas and reach much more people than the ordinary methods. Minimize your costs (lower commissions to PR’s, lower operational costs, no need for printed posters, flyers, etc) and maximize your profits! Find out about your customers, whether they are high or low risk, arrange your reservations accordingly and eliminate cancellations. It doesn’t matter what kind of party you are throwing, whether it is a verified party in a venue, or a student party, or a corporate party. Olwyc app is the party bible!

Olwyc is available for FREE on both iOS & Android.

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