Niavis Dimitris

Dimitris Niavis is a Human­Centered product and service designer. He holds a Diploma in product and systems design engineering issued by the University of the Aegean. He is certified in Sustainable Service Design by the Universities of the Aegean, TU Delft, Koln International School of Design and Lancaster. He is focused on applying contemporary design methodologies and practices in order to aid organization innovate, while keeping in mind aesthetic as a prerequisite.

He is the founder of the experimental Brand Platonics and a Co­Founder of the GRIoT, a team that is focused on studying and promoting the emerging field of Internet of Things.

His research and practical interests involve amongst others systems design, social innovation, behavioral change, transitional design, UX, service design, strategic design, product design, entrepreneurship and Internet of Things.

Samples of his work have been featured in a number of major international design portals such as designboom, Core77, Yankodesign, etc.He has published work on umulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media as part of the “more for less ­ design in an age of austerity” conference [2013].

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