The Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation recognizes the active role of networking to accelerate the progress towards the achievement of the business growth and success. Thus it supports various activities and networking events for:

  • Access to mentors with proven business investment and success
  • Reinforcement and team development actions with providing the teams with specialized personnel (such as “Match & Develop a Start-up” events which focuses on networking with developers or business development experts)
  • Develop partnerships with companies and institutions (chambers, collective bodies) in Greece and abroad 
  • Access to investors, business angels and strategic partners 
  • Promotion of business initiatives through workshops organized by the Center, press releases etc. 
  • Participation in exhibitions and events abroad for funding pursuit 
  • Ad hoc acquaintances and recommendations based on the business field and interests 
  • Direct networking of beneficiaries through events organization, where each beneficiary is able to present its idea, take feedback, comments and suggestions for cooperation