Fouskas Konstantinos

Holding the position of “Digital Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation” at the department of Applied informatics at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece, I am teaching in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship, e-business and development of new products and services. I also currently teach at International Hellenic University and University of the Aegean related topics and also collaborate with a number of other Academic Institutes in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. My research has been published in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences and I have participated in research consortia for more than 15 International and National research projects, including research projects in Developing countries. 

I teach because I am passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and development of new ventures. I also have been a serial entrepreneur developing a number of Business ventures mainly related to provision of Digital, innovative services, others resulting in success and others in teaching me valuable lessons. My background is widespread and is combining studies and experience ranging from crafting and aligning a corporate strategy and responding to competition with innovative actions to handling and rearranging business operations and filling in accounting and financial information to analyzing pricing decisions. This diversity has allowed me to obtain a broader view in developing new business ventures ranging from evaluation of the business proposition to financial projections analysis. To this end I am happy to assist new entrepreneurs of any age that pursuit their dreams. I am doing so through various Incubator programs such as Orange Grove, Ace-In, EkinisiLab and by personal coaching and innovation competitions such as innovation  and iBank. 

I have also been extensively engaged with business advisory, trying to assist established firms with limited organizational capabilities to evolve to viable, competitive players in their markets and organize their internal resources in a more efficient way. I have also been a member of the European Space Agency (ESA) Technology Transfer initiative team.  

I believe that entrepreneurship is very important and can significantly advance economic prosperity and improvement of the national level of innovation through the utilization of ICT and smart ways to approach current customer pains worldwide.