The Athens Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation offers a series of educational programs that combine lectures, group work / workshops, case studies, action learning and mentoring by a network of experienced business executives. AUEB Professors and market experts are responsible for teaching.

The purpose of the training programs is to provide participants with the knowledge, tools, strategies and confidence required to:

  • assess and determine the feasibility and viability of their business idea
  • gain a better understanding of themselves as entrepreneurs, including incentives, roles and key responsibilities
  • learn basic assessment and technical feasibility techniques, including the production of innovative ideas, product / service design, business model development and presentation skills
  • understand the concepts of team building, necessary business processes and other common challenges faced by the founders and managers of new businesses
  • deepen in their target market and conduct market research, competition analysis, marketing strategies and digital promotion
  • understand tax, accounting, institutional and running a business issues
  • analyze how to develop their business through effective cash flow management and resource allocation
  • learn basic product and services development techniques and develop prototypes

The topics of the seminars are tailored to the maturity of the business forms. Thus, for business groups in the early stages the educational programs are focusing on issues such as: Lean Startup Methodology, Business Model Canvas, Mockup Development and Prototyping, Usability testing and user experience, Branding and Communication, Team Development and Management, Market Research, Business design, Innovation Management.

For ventures that are in a more mature stage of development, the themes focus on the following areas: Sales Development and Promotion, Organization and Sustainability of Business Forms, Liquidity and Financing, Business Activities and Operational Issues.

Moreover, depending on the needs of business forms some seminars in specialized subjects and business sectors are schedules, such as copyrights, digital projection and promotion, operations management and supply chain, etc. The aim is the best possible training for the beneficiaries in all those specific issues that can be addressed by them during the design of the new products / services.