Theodoropoulos Theodore

Theodore is currently President & CEO at Hotelgenius, a three times awarded (in less than a year) start-up that specializes in hospitality technology. He has been in the industry since 2001 and he is a restless visionary and creative entrepreneur that seizes for new opportunities and chances to be part of the global community of experts and professionals in the field of tourism and technology. 

His unwavering goal is to alter the current landscape of hotel business mentality and practices over the web by creating an innovative technological ecosystem that would allow hotel owners and executives to stand out from the crowd walking on the safe path that his associates and him are constantly developing. All of his efforts aim not only to enhance but to actually transform a hotel’s digital footprint, by becoming the hoteliers’ trusted partner in the e-Commerce business.

However, Theodore’s experience is not confined to the hospitality industry. He is participating as a speaker and consultant in major conferences and events, sharing his experience and insight with hoteliers, e-commerce professionals, entrepreneurs or students that want to follow a similar career. He is very much into helping other professionals discover their way to success and it is this mentality that has led him into consulting.