Meton Innovatence’s business idea is a flexible and easily adjustable system for detecting Foreign Object Debris at airports and airfields. This system is simple to use and easy to operate and can be used for any type of airport regardless of its size and operational needs.

The Meton Innovatence team feels honoured and particularly grateful to have participated in the Digital Gate project. Via Digital Gate we had the opportunity to work together with high calibre people both from AIA and from Athens University of Economics and Business. Everybody was keen on supporting us with their experience and knowledge both on business development and on technical aspects. Our participation made us in a way “wiser” on how to mature and progress our business idea and business plan. Moreover, we had the opportunity to present our company and our product to potential customers and investors. Finally, testing our prototype FOD detection system in real life conditions was major milestone for Meton Innovatence since we had to work within tight timelines and demanding technical requirements. The ultimate outcome for Meton Innovatence was that the proof of concept of our idea was successfully tested and validated.

The Meton Innovatence Team

In this video you can see the night inspection of the taxiway and the main runway of Athens International Airport (AIA). In red colour, all foreign objects that are much warmer than the ambient environment are depicted in real time. These foreign objects (Foreign Object Debris) can become a real hazard both for the aircrafts and the personnel. Ιn this particular case, these objects are the ancillary lights of the taxiways which are activated.

How did they collaborate?

One of the main safety concerns for the aviation industry globally is Foreign Object Debris (FOD). One of the most characteristic examples of the severity of the damage FOD can make is the tragic Concorde accident with 109 casualties. The reason of the accident was a metallic object that was detached from the aircraft that had previously taken off and it pierced Concorde’s fuel tank while Concorde was rolling for take-off. For FOD detection a lot of permanently installed, expensive and complicated system have been used so far. Meton Innovatence has designed and manufactured ENORAYS, an innovative a FOD detection system for vehicles. The ENORASYS system was tested in real life conditions e.g. night, fog, etc at the Athens International Airport with remarkable success. The ENORASYS system offers a lot of advantages when compared to the standard systems because it is portable, easy to install, easy to operate and at a very competitive price.  

The system installed on the roof of the vehicle is marked with a red/yellow arrow.

The system’s display mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle. The system recognizes objects much hotter than the surrounding environment’s temperature and displays them in red and correspondingly cooler items in blue.

A red / yellow arrow indicates the detection of a metal wheel in the taxiway. The system has identified the much hotter than the surrounding wheel and has shown it in red.